No. 002 Daniel & Lauren
Monday, February 04, 2013
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We are so excited to share these gorgeous images with you from our very first Flagstaff, Arizona wedding.  We first met Lauren and Daniel at her brother's wedding, and we hoped then that they would choose us to be their wedding photographers.  We are so happy and honored that they did!  We didn't quite realize just how cold October is in Flagstaff.  Lauren and her girls met us in the forest at 8 a.m. in freezing temperatures.  Just how freezing?  The fallen aspen leaves were encased in ice!  These women bravely removed warm coats in order to let us capture these gorgeous images in perfect light.

A snowstorm had blown through the day before, but on Daniel and Lauren's day, the wind was still and it did warm up...eventually.  The aspen leaves were good enough to hold on for one more day, making us wonder if these aren't some of the most stunning images we've ever shot.

Once alone with Lauren and Daniel, we were amazed by their outer beauty and humbled by their inner beauty.  Lauren is one of those women who has no idea how absolutely beautiful she is;  her presence simply emanates with kindness.  Their love for eachother was so palpable, we couldn't help but be emotional at times just witnessing it.  The natural setting for their wedding, chosen for their love of it, matched them perfectly, and we feel this perfection is expressed in each of these images.

Congratulations, you two, Sarah & Beth


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