005 Tucson Photo Location!
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
By Sarah Neyhart Photography
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Location, location, location. 


First on my list when arriving in Tucson last summer was finding new locations for my existing portrait photography business.     The desert is so beautiful but the terrain is uneven, hot and can be dangerous for families, not to mention it's lack of shade and color.  I had no time to waste finding new 'spots' with clients on the books. I will always be on the hunt for special little spots    here and there but I'm so happy to have THE SPOT figured out.  The main spot you can have anyone meet you at and it will be inspiring and beautiful.  I'm still discovering special places here and there but I've found a treasure, THE TREASURE, I was hoping to find.  And, yes, I want to share it with you!


The Perfect Location Must Have:

 Grassy meadow

Green lush canyon

Architectural elements in nature


 Running water


  I had seen Catalina State Park at it's best during the rainy seasons, Saguaro National Forest blooming in all it's glory,                 and explored Downtown Tucson's urban scene but...this is the best I've found for an all inclusive photo location.


Sabino Canyon!!!

An available trolley for $10/adult and $5/children will take you up 9 stops (6 miles) where you    can choose to get off and explore any stop and get back on when you're done.  Trolley ride means we can bring our props and wear those fancy shoes!  Hours of trolley rides 9:00am to 4:30pm.    Make sure to give yourself enough time to shoot and catch the last trolley down the mountain or you're walking! Last trolley out of the canyon approximately 4:50. 



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