Sarah Neyhart

Hi...It is such a honor to show you how I see my desert home. Thank you for taking the time to browse around my fine art gallery. I'd love to hear from you, questions, critique, ideas, throw it my way!

I'm a native Oregonian and little did I know upon arriving in Arizona 12 years ago just how much I'd fall in love with all this big sky, warm sun, and plenty of light for all that photo taken I'm so fond of. The desert has taught me a lot as I silently walk it's dangerous pathways looking for little 'specials' to turn into art. The desert is symbolic of life, in that it must truly be the tough journey that builds all that beautiful character. This photographic collection of Tucson, Arizona found here represents both the city and desert scapes I live amongst, curated with one thought in mind, to bring our beautiful outdoors inside. For all.


Being the daughter of a photographer I always appreciated having our family moments beautifully captured. My memories of building forts, roller skating, and laughing are accompanied by timeless photographic art. Exploring other creative ventures in my life has lead me full circle back to photography and it has turned out to be my occupation and passion (I don’t have a day job).  For the last ten years I've found myself wishing I had enough time to photograph every family, every wedding, and every child. I’ve always enjoyed and studied photography informally and appreciated its impact in my life, however it wasn’t until my daughter Ruthie was born almost thirteen years ago that photography became a necessity. It was and is impossibly hard for me to say goodbye to all of her precious stages and watch her grow so quickly.  Now that she's becoming a teen and becoming passionately enthusiastic about her own creative pursuits it's been so rewarding to launch my fine art career.  This has really allowed us the freedom to explore all that life     has to offer.   So, what started out as a mama not ready to let go has lead me here loving photography and people (and now cactus) and embracing the change that happens in all of our lives. I know too always be appreciative for the special gifts we are all uniquely given, thanks be to God for making us such creative beings!

I'm so happy you're here and hope you stay and come back really soon, Sarah Neyhart